Happy New Year and Welcome to Morfik Blogs!

2010 is promising to be the year of Web OS and the emergence of Web Business Applications. As one of the main supporters of this brave new world, the Morfik team has a strong feeling that it will also be the year of Morfik.

At its inception, the Morfik’s founders envisioned an all-encompassing computing platform where the browser is the desktop, and set out to provide a state of the art Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that would rival, in performance and productivity, the best of what was available on the desktop platform.

It was clear from the start that achieving this goal would require the development of enabling technologies that address the limitations of the browser without changing its fundamental architecture or extending it with proprietary plug-ins. Morfik itself developed two crucial enabling technologies, namely Plastic Layout to enhance content presentation and JavaScript Synthesis Technology (JST) to simplify Ajax techniques and browser side computing. Morfik also actively joined those who promoted the concept of a Web Operating System. We published white papers as early as 2005 supporting the concept.

In this pursuit we have not been alone! We received invaluable support from Morfik Pioneers and independent developers who most generously gave us indispensable guidance and assistance and stayed with us through our journey. We believe that the role of professional software developers in bringing their software skills and business know-how onto the WebOS platform is vitally important and will benefit millions of small to medium size businesses around the world for years to come.

Our emphasis in the past has been on the consolidation of the Morfik platform while we patiently waited the arrival of complementing technologies. To our excitement the maturation of our product has coincided with the announcement of Chrome OS by Google, a move that will no doubt be followed by other major players.

The arrival of Chrome OS, HTML5 and Canvas completes the set of the prerequisite enabling technologies and opens possibilities only limited by our own imagination. We are constantly amazed at applications posted on Chrome Experiments and are excited by the potential end to the plug-in jungle.

As Morfik emerges from relative obscurity, the coming months will give us the opportunity to communicate Morfik’s philosophy and its technology to the public at large. We launch Morfik blogs as the main vehicle for informing our users and the developer community about our vision and the workings of our products.

We shall endeavor to keep the blogs relevant, entertaining and informative and look forward to your input and advice.

Stay tuned and Happy New Year.

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January 16th, 2019
laser says:

I am from Chinese,I wish i can do something for this greate product such as localization.

By the way, I want know how to draw a chart in the mofik,just as delphi does,instead uses of flash.

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