The role of florists in web application development

Did you know that florists play a major role in your life?  In fact they have been involved in your life since before you were even born.  It started when your parents proudly announced to the world that they were expecting a new baby.  There were flowers. Then came the big day when you graced this world with your existence. There were more flowers.  As the days turned into months and months into years, your birthdays brought more flowers.  Sometimes you were ill. You received flowers.  Then there was first love. More flowers.  Graduation, first job, engagement, promotion, marriage, and your own babies all brought their flower moments – you get the picture!  Unless like me you plan to live forever, one day there will be flowers for your funeral, and even for some years after you start programming the big computer in the sky, there will be the occasional flower on your resting place.

Before you jump to the conclusion that being a florist is a fantastic occupation because you cannot lose, come rain, hail or shine, and you give up information technology to open a flower shop, let me tell you why I said all the nonsense I just said.

Apple just released the iPad and, as I suspected, it is an iPod Touch on steroids.  Very nice indeed.  And it did not take long for the first shot in a new platform war to be fired.  Have a look at the InfoWorld article, Why the iPad will kill the netbook (and the Chrome OS).  Then there is Tim Anderson’s blog Apple iPad vs Windows Tablet vs Google Chrome OS that considers the situation not as a two but a three horse race.  It is still early days, so wait for an avalanche of comments for and against the antagonists.

Here at Morfik we feel like florists!  All these platforms support browsers.  Their difference is in the degree of focus they put on the browser.  But they do support browsers!  So Morfik applications will run on all of them simply because Morfik applications are web applications.  Like I said, the browser is a beautiful thing!

So maybe we should send flowers to Apple, Google, Microsoft and anybody else who is helping the consumer browse the web.  Like florists, Morfik developers can feel confident that irrespective of the outcome, they cannot lose.

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