MDA Release: Google Analytics package

We are pleased to announce the release of our Google Analytics package which is designed to make using Google Analytics in Morfik applications easy. Google Analytics is a free on-line service that is widely used on the Web to monitor site traffic. It can gather and analyse information about the traffic to your website, and generate comprehensive reports. Monitoring your website traffic is critical to ensuring that your website is meeting its objectives.

Those averse to JavaScript often lose interest and abandon the idea of using Google Analytics since it requires dropping down to HTML and fiddling with JavaScript. With Morfik’s Google Analytics package this is no longer necessary!

Let’s have a quick look at how it works:

First you have to create a Google Analytics account.

Once you have registered, you will need to locate the tracking code assigned to your account by Google, as shown below.

Now open your project and install the Google Analytics package. Switch to Project View, select Events panel and assign OnStart event. This is where you need to enter the tracking code:

 Procedure Project4XApp.XAppStart(Sender: TObject);
       GA_AccountNumber := 'UA-12345678-9';

You will also have to add mfk_GoogleAnalytics to the uses section of your module as follows:



That’s it! Google Analytics is now available in your application.

Please refer to the package documentation for an explanation on how to track individual pages.

This package is available to all MDA Plus and MDA Premium subscribers, and can be downloaded from Morfik Packages webpage.

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