MDA Release: OpenID package

We are pleased to announce the release of our OpenID package which is designed to make using OpenID in Morfik applications easy.

The OpenID package (see package in action)

OpenID is an open standard that allows a unique identifier to be used, in place of a login and password, to sign in to multiple websites that support OpenID technology. OpenID provides direct access (by a third-party website) to a rich set of personal user information that would otherwise require the user filling out a lengthy registration form every time a new third-party website demands it.

Morfik’s OpenID Package allows for authentication against a number of providers supporting OpenID technology. Using this package enables Morfik XApp developers to utilize user authentication services while leaving user management to be handled by external OpenID service providers.

With OpenID, visitors to your site use an existing portable identity to sign in to your site.  With more than one billion people using personal OpenID accounts, they will now be able to sign in with a single click.

Let’s have a quick look at how the Morfik OpenID package works. Firstly, open your project and install the OpenID package. Then, select the OpenID Login widget:

and place it on a form:

That’s it! The process is now complete and OpenID is available in your application:

For sites that already have a list of OpenID customer accounts, it is possible to attach a customer’s OpenID to an existing account, so they can sign in using OpenID. Morfik also has plans to add OpenID support in the next update of the Morfik Security package.

There are a number of other open standards working in conjunction with the OpenID standard. These allow you to enrich your users’ experiences by bringing extra features to your site, such as connecting to social networks, or importing a user’s address book or list of friends.  However, the implementation of such features is beyond the scope of this blog.

A live demo of OpenID is available here.

The Morfik OpenID package is available to all MDA Plus and MDA Premium subscribers, and can be downloaded from the Morfik Packages webpage.

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