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The Morfik Developer Assist (MDA) team is working on time-saving packages to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on the low level plumbing work when building Morfik web applications.  You have already seen three of these packages: Security, OpenID and Google Analytics.

I am happy to now provide you with an overview of further packages currently under development, so you will know what to expect when you consider subscribing to the MDA program.

Interfaces to major web service providers such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, etc.

We have been developing a number of packages that aim at delivering interfaces to web services offered by major infrastructure providers such as Amazon and Google. Following the release of Google Analytics Package and OpenID Package we have in the pipeline a number of other packages including Google AdSense, S3 File uploader, Google Gadgets and a few more which we hope will save you time and effort in integrating a growing body of web services into your web applications.

Social Networking and Media:

As you are well aware, today’s Social Media is not about simply bringing a message – it’s also about what your users think. You need their feedback, comments, answers and questions. To this end we are currently working on an Opinion Poll Package, FAQ Package, Comments Package, Feedback Package and E-mail Marketing Package, which you may find useful when implementing such features in your Morfik Web Applications.

Security and User Management:

Securing data and controlling user access are among the most time-consuming tasks, often involving complex and sophisticated technologies.  We hope you have found Morfik’s Security and User Management Package helpful. Currently we are working on future enhancements to this package.

Database Management:

We are working on an Import/Export Package that, once incorporated in your Morfik Web Application, will allow your users to handle the movement of large amounts of data.  This is a crucial functionality in the Internationalization process for any application where the contents of a database go through the export-translate-import cycle.

Professionally-designed project templates:

For all businesses, but especially for companies that conduct their business on the web, the look and feel of a company web site, along with its functionality and ease-of-use, can make or break a venture.  Content alone is no longer enough, and an appealing visual design is a success imperative.  We hope that Morfik’s pre-designed project templates will free up developers’ time, allowing them to concentrate on the all-important content.

Search Engine Optimization

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social bookmarking are crucial to the popularity of any website, oftentimes they are not even considered due to lack of awareness of their long-term benefits. Content optimization continues to place ever-increasing demands on our time if we are to maintain a high volume of referral hits from search engines, web directories, and other websites. We are hoping our SEO-related packages such as our Bookmarking Package, Linking Package and others to come, will save you a lot of time. We are also working on Conversion Rate Optimization Packages, such as a Multivariate Testing Package, to assist you with increasing leads and sales on your website within a given budget.

We believe that your input is essential in ensuring that the work carried out by the MDA team meets the needs of Morfik developer community. We are currently investigating various voting systems which will allow you to have your say in prioritizing MDA development activities.

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January 16th, 2019
Adam Brett says:

I would really like a well developed picture content management component. It should:
– Allow an on-line user to upload pictures to a site.
– Manage the image file as effectively as possible, ideally reducing the size of the photo to a predefined pixel X x pixel Y _prior_ to uploading to avoid massive 10 meg photos cluttering the database.
– It should create a thumbnail of the image automatically & allow for some other simple tags like “Title” “Photographer” “Date Taken” “Date Uploaded”.
– There should be an ImageViewer object in Morfik which can then display these images attractively, i.e. in a nice blended panel, with a nice surround etc.

Many sites need this type of functionality (not only the ones showing dirty pictures) and it is actually a headache to write it well.

Dinyar Cooper says:

I’ve been watching and trialing Morfik for about a year now. I still can’t use it because of one simple thing. You haven’t created a properly functioning, bug free, good user experience continuous editable form. All your other enhancements are irrelavant compared to this simple requirement. Look at ingres/openroad/empire project to see what a 4gl grid should look like or there are so many others out there. why can’t you produce a continuous editable form/grid that works!? i would buy the product in a heartbeat if this feature was complete and reliable. This is a key part of the user ordeal!

Aram Mirkazemi says:

@Dalton Calford: You will be pleased to know that the support for text input field templates is already added and will be included in one of the upcoming releases. However, the other features that you mentioned (stored procedure, views, per session database connections, etc) are outside the scope of MDA. They are part of Morfik’s main development activities.

I do appreciate your points about certain improvements needing to be made to the database capability; however such improvements are needed regardless of whether an application’s orientation is external-facing or internal-facing.

What we have seen in recent years is a blurring of the line between Web sites and Web applications. Some of the modern Web sites’ data and functional capabilities rival and even surpass those of the traditional client/server applications.

Dalton Calford says:

All of the above packages are wonderful for any Internet site developer, but I see very little in the way of catering to those who are producing Intranet/Web Applications.

For example, text input fields that support templates like “(___) ___-_____” or
support for stored procedures and views as data sources.
Per session database connection (so that two users at the same site, can connect to and operate different back-end databases), as well as allowing user verification to occur from the viewpoint of the database (sql users, roles and trigger based security).

Although Web development is still strongly focused on web site development, web applications that are never touched outside of the companies network, are the future. If Morfik does not cater to the needs of an Intranet developer, that developer will move to a different platform.

OpenID integration is a great idea. This removes the need for users to have to remember one more username and password combination, which I’m sure everyone resents these days.

Good move!

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