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We would like to ask you to share with us, by responding through comments to this blog, the main keywords and key phrases that you and your colleagues and developer friends, who are in the market for a tool like Morfik, are likely to use in a search engine. To find the right keyword we have had much brainstorming at Morfik only to realise that as insiders we think differently about Morfik, and our keywords may or may not be those used by the public at large.  The unique nature of Morfik and its technology also makes it difficult to define it in a few words.

In this effort we need your help!  From more than 200 search optimisation factors, keywords are by definition the most important.  After all, we all search the web using keywords and key phrases.  The challenge is to identify the keywords that potential customers are likely to use when searching for particular goods and services.  Keywords also move in and out of fashion over time and have to be replaced accordingly.  For example five years ago the phrase “Ajax IDE” was in vogue.  Search for “Ajax IDE” and you will find Morfik high on the search results.  But this phrase has lost its lustre and is no longer as popular as it used to be.

We have now come to the conclusion that the best approach is to refer to the “wisdom of the community” and in our case the “wisdom of the developer community” to be exact.  And for this we ask your help.

It is conceivable that the experience we gain in search optimisation will lead to further enhancements of Morfik, through built-in features and add-on packages, which would facilitate search optimisation of Morfik applications you develop yourselves.

We thank you in advance and look forward to your contributions.

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January 16th, 2019
Bruce says:

I’ve searched for the terms

Easy Web Creator
Web Site Programming

I learned about Morfik from FreePascal.

I agree with everyone else about marketing Morfik in well known Delphi sites.

It would probably be a good idea for Morfik employees to occasionally (as possible) lend a hand in the Embarcadero forums, just having the “www.morfik.com” after (or below) the person’s name that provided the help could be enough to spark the curiosity of the person that posted the question. Those users are the most promising pool of Morfik customers since they are leveraging their knowledge of Delphi. This comment applies to the VB and C# communities as well.

In the same vein, if Morfik made available some simple and general Delphi components – that are somehow web/network related – that would give the company more exposure. Morfik needs to get its name to be more commonly known, this might help.

Lastly, I would consider making the downloadable demo version a bit more enticing. Specifically, I would allow for something around 12 pages instead of 3. The objective is to really wet the appetite of the potential customer by showing some true potential, it is difficult to make justice to Morfik’s potential with only 3 forms.

My best wishes of success to the Morfik team.

Didier L says:

I would go for :
– easy web developpement
– visual web developer

And I definitely agree with advertising/dowloading on Delphi components market.

Avanish Bharati says:

Database and Web design
Database Web2.0 tool
Database and Web IDE
Easy Database Web design
SAAS Tool Kit
Webservice Design Tool
Easy database and web design integration
Web Design + database in Basic
Web Design + database in Pascal

Mike Duncan says:

I suggest:
1 Web IDE
2 Ajax Web IDE
3 Delphi Web Developer
4 dot Net alternative
5 PHP alternative

Mocte says:

I’m for :

1. “Web IDE” (google search shows Aptana on first place with these words),
2. “Delphi web development”, I came to Morfik because I use Delphi and I was looking for delphi web components when I found Morfik.


Ivailo Bourov ivailo Bourov says:

The same easy way is to check google auto-complete for most searched keywords in this scope. I was wrote about this in Morfik forum.
Also I think that these keywords should be defined primary in main morfik site with appropriate density. Blogs are only additional work.
For example there are a “Rich Internet Applications” defined on first page of morfik site, but when searching for such keywords, your site is not well indexed by google. I cannot find your site at first result page, even at first 10 pages.
So, this drive me to think about not good keyword density there.

Dalton Calford says:

I have searched on the following terms

Web compiler
Ajax compiler
Ajax Debugger
Apache Ajax Compiler
Ajax Rad
Intranet RAD

Darryl Strickland says:

I agree with many of the others that it should be associated with Delphi. So I would target all the Delphi developers that need a Pascal web solution but work on making it easier to reuse Delphi and Pascal code.

Jan says:

I would search for:

Delphi Web Development
Delphi Ajax
Pascal Web Development
Delphi for the web / Pascal for the web
RAD Web Development

Jo says:

According to the Google keyword-tool (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal), somethin like “ajax control toolkit” “ajax toolkit” “ajax framework” and “ajax library” maybe worth the effort.

Khalid Elbarjaj says:

I would suggest:

1 IDE Webdevelopment
2 Integrated Webdevelopment
3 UML Modelling Web

Pascal for the web, delphi (pascal) web compiler, web development for Delphi (Pascal) … . Yes you must Morfik associate with delphi and Pascal. This is the best way.

Michael Thuma says:

RAD for web
Delphi for web
Delphi web development
Web and native development
All in one for web and cloud
Morfik is slipstream not mainstram

Tim says:

I would also try to associate morfik with delphi development.

Mike Jones says:

To me Morfik is “Delphi for the web”

Adam Brett says:

There are allegedly millions of Delphi developers … all of whom have been more or less let down by Borland/CodeGear web development tools. Morfik offers a great way to leverage Delphi skills on the web.

1. You must ensure that Morfik tools are included on the common Delphi fan sites (Torry’s Delphi Pages for example). Pay to advertize there if necessary & definitely include the product as a download.

2. I would use SEO terms like: “Delphi Web Development”, “Delphi Web Replacement”, “Object Oriented Web Development”. These terms are unlikely to be popular / expensive, but I think they are worth trying as people typing them would be your core audience.

Daniel Fields says:

Keywords/phrases that I would use to search for Morfik:

1) “web application development”
2) “web development”
3) “web framework”

I hope those help!

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