What lies ahead!

When driving a software product, it is tempting to create a road map studded with desired features, and bullet points that respond to every request from users and prospective customers. But experience has shown that a customer should ultimately make their decision based on whether the current state of the product is a good fit for them or not. We do realise the importance of a roadmap for project planning and certain kinds of decision making. However, we are also wary of the risk that goes with selling tomorrow over today, through promises which could lead to potential disappointment and possible disillusionment.

So starting in 2010, as a new way of providing information on development progress, we have chosen to use technology previews and product announcements, rather than continuing with the road map and timeline methods.

In this blog I am happy to share with you news of two upcoming releases:

  1. The release of the updated product technical documentation by the end of Q1 2010.  This will be accompanied by a special release of Morfik software that will provide context- sensitive links to the new documentation content.
  2. The release of Morfik 3.0 in Q2 2010. This release will include the following new features and enhancements:
  • Significant improvements to widgets and packages architecture and implementation
  • New controls, as well as enhancements to existing controls
  • Highly-improved continuous editable forms
  • Support for internationalization
  • Support for animation and special graphical effects when controls change state or are moved.
  • Introduction of abstract data source
  • Improvements to the built-in debug browser
  • General bug fixing and improvements in software stability

We will elaborate further on these items in the coming weeks and through technology previews will share specific information about key new features.

Please note that this list is subject to change, and is not meant to outline every specific feature that will be included. There will also be additional maintenance releases as needed.

Pricing and availability

As with any development work, it’s hard to predict exactly when things will land, so we’ve stayed away from specific dates and only provided timing indications, in terms of the quarter in which they are intended to be released. But please bear in mind that these can change.

As for pricing, we are pleased to advise that MDA premium subscribers will be able to upgrade to V3 for free as a part of their annual subscription benefit. For those without an MDA Premium subscription, the upgrade price will be $399. Any customer who has purchased Morfik 2.0 in 2010 will receive a free upgrade to Morfik 3.0.

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February 22nd, 2019
Aram says:

@sake: Ok, I get the problem. You might be interested to know that this problem only happens when debugging inside the IDE (no obfuscation). At any rate, thanks for letting us know, we will address this issue in one of the upcoming releases.

sake says:


>> you can qualify a reference to a function by adding the module name
>> before the function name separated by a dot
>> If I understand your problem correctly, this should address the issue.

You understand my problem correctly. But I don’t think you are
aware of the issue. Try and see it for yourself. It took only few minutes.

// Both Button1 and Button2 will show the SAME message !

Procedure Content.Button1Click(Event: TDOMEvent);

Procedure Content.Button2Click(Event: TDOMEvent);

Dalton Calford says:

@Aram: Hi Aram, what I mean by an installation script would be for the deployment of morfik apps in a small business environment vs on a web server. Right now a compiled app with apache compiled in, can be run as a service on a standard desktop machine. An installation/deployment program that would install firebird, install the compiled app and set it up as a service would complete the tool set as not everyone is writing for the internet.
For servers, a deployment deb/rpm or windows MIS builder would be very handy.

I am happy to hear about the documentation, and the wiki format is great in allowing developers to assist you in updating it. Having the wiki-pdf builder be a download option so that everytime the developer wants an updated set of pdfs, they could just run the utility would be perfect. I just ask that the documentation makes every effort to approach each subject as if dealing with someone who never worked with delphi or morfik in the past.

From the point of view of m2-m3 project migration being seamless, that makes me VERY happy, as the m1-m2 process was painful.

Aram says:

@Jedt Sitthidumrong: We are working on this, but can’t promise that it will be available in Morfik 3.

Aram says:

@ivailo Bourov: We will continue to support M2 after the release of Morfik 3.

Aram says:

@Dalton Calford: Initially the new documentation will be made available in Wiki format. We have been also working on a Wiki-to-PDF converter that crawls the live Wiki site and produce PDF files. This has been under development for awhile and will be made available sometime after the initial release of documentation.

As for differences between M2 and M3, all Morfik 2 projects should seamlessly open and compile in Morfik 3 with very little or no change to the project files.

At this stage, there’s no plan to support 64 bit compilation in Morfik 3.

In regards to installation scrip and remote upgrade maintenance, if you mean automatic deployment, yes we do have some plans there which we will be making some announcement about in the near future.

Aram says:

@Darryl Strickland: Unfortunately the new menus rely on the infrastructure that is only available in version 3. So, it is not really practical to add the new menus to Morfik 2.

When it comes to stability issues, it does not matter whether the problem affects one or many. Our attitude towards bugs related to software stability is that of zero tolerance. We are determined to track down every single case no matter how rare is the scenario. And we certainly appreciate the effort by those who work with us to make Morfik a better tool.

Aram says:

@sake: you can qualify a reference to a function by adding the module name before the function name separated by a dot (eg SystemUtilities.IntToStr). If I understand your problem correctly, this should address the issue.

Hey, that’s great features teasing. 🙂

However, Menu control is one of the most important navigation. Not even mention on Breadcrumb, Dependent DropDown Menu, Data Binding for ListBox Multi Selection etc … 🙂

But without any of that I can live (with some pain), but I REALLY NEED

!!!!! UTF-8 Font Support for PDF Generation !!!!

Morfik has a form, continuous form, report that’s very easy and powerful.
Why no UTF-8 support??

Mocte says:


Right now I’m only interested in the Menu Control, will it be part of Morfik 2?


Ivailo Bourov ivailo Bourov says:

I waiting for promised at next update menu control too. 🙂
It’s sad that Internationalization will be not available for M2.
Also I hope that when M3 is released, M2 support will be not dropped down, because bringing of user’s project to new IDE often is very problematic process.
More backward compatibility will be welcome.

Dalton Calford says:

Sounds good!
I am looking forward to the documentation, what is the format? I am hoping that it will be pdf as well as context based. Pdf based documentation is easy to print out and read while away from the computer, or refer to while using the program without changing screens.

I am looking forward to version 3, but could you clarify the differences you currently see between version 2 and 3 as it currently stands (not looking at what may be but just how it is now).
For example, the differences between version 1 and 2 where enough that it was almost a totally different product – will we see such a drastic change or is 3 more of an evolution?

Will version 3 support 64 bit compilation? Installation scripts for various third party installers or perhaps an installation creation tool? (the last blog entry hinted towards this) Server side utilities for remote upgrade/maintenance?

Darryl Strickland says:

Thanks for the update. However, I’m disappointed that the next update will not include the Menu Control since it has been previewed, ready and really needed.

It’s great that the documentation will be made current along with the Morfik Lab demos that was discussed in the forums.

However, I might be the exception but I have so many stability issues that it’s tough to get any work done. I have been working with Sergey by sending many bug reports and stack traces so I’m hoping that I will not have to wait until Q2 before getting a stable Morfik. I’ve even had stability problems with the standalone server throwing AV’s and having to be restarted just because simple callbacks failed.

Thanks for adding more resources so Morfik’s full potential can be made sooner.

sake says:

Current Morfik compiler have a problem with names collision when a form use multiple modules having same function name. Will it be fixed in 3.0 ?

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