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MDA Release: Amazon Ads Package and Lightbox Package

We are pleased to announce the release of the Amazon Ads Package and Lightbox Package.

The Amazon Ads Package is designed to display Amazon Product Links and Banners on Morfik-built websites.

Place the widget on the form, then visit Amazon Associates Central website, select the banner or link you want to show on your website, copy the text generated by Amazon, and paste it into the HTMLCode property of a widget. That’s it—you can now run your project and see the ads being displayed.

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MDA Release: OpenID update, LongTail FLV Player Package and five Sample Projects

This past week for the MDA team has brought an update of the Open ID Package, the LongTail FLV Player Package and five sample projects.

First, let's see packages in more detail.

Using Morfik Deployment Automation Services on your own servers

Any new and revolutionary technology will face the dilemma of supply and demand prerequisites for third party support. Generally, third parties will wait until demand for a service reaches a level that ensures profitability before providing such a service. Web hosting is no exception to this rule and Morfik has specifically developed its deployment technology with this in mind.

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How to use Morfik’s Deployment Automation Service

I am very passionate about this feature of Morfik software, but sometimes I wonder if other people can see the benefits too.

The reason I appreciate this feature more than others is that for a long time I used to deploy and update Morfik applications manually. At that stage, we did not have the auto-deployment feature—and it was a real pain. It’s not that Morfik web applications (XApps) were particularly hard to deploy, but this was a general problem when deploying web applications—especially when they needed to use a back-end database.

Nowadays, the deployment process has become so trivial using Morfik software that all the Morfik team deploy their XApps directly from the environment they work in (Morfik IDE) without any knowledge of the back-end or even which files and resources the project needs. They don’t even ask a question about this anymore!

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MDA Release: Four new Packages and five additional Sample Projects

It's been a busy week for the MDA team. We’ve produced four new Packages to help you build high-quality web applications in record time, and we have prepared another five Sample Projects to highlight some of the best features of Morfik. All sample projects are free to download and come with full source code.

First, let's take a look at the new packages we have for you.

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JavaScript for laughs!

What do you do when you get bored and like to have a good laugh? My plan B is to go on discussion forums and ask religious questions like “Do I really need to learn JavaScript?” or “Which one is better, PHP or JavaScript?” then sit back and watch the religious wars I have just started with amusement! If I see the flames are dying down, I fire another loaded question to poke the antagonists “once more to the breach!” You may think I am evil. Well, so did my mom!

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Previewing Morfik’s support for internationalization – Part 2

This is the second part of the preview of Internationalization Support, and today we are going to take a look at database localization.

Localizing database-driven content is not an easy task, and there is not much choice when it comes to approaches that can be taken. Consider the simple Blog application which uses a very basic table with only two fields: PostDate and Content.

Let’s quickly go through the existing methods of localizing that table:

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