JavaScript for laughs!

What do you do when you get bored and like to have a good laugh?  My plan B is to go on discussion forums and ask religious questions like “Do I really need to learn JavaScript?” or “Which one is better, PHP or JavaScript?” then sit back and watch the religious wars I have just started with amusement!  If I see the flames are dying down, I fire another loaded question to poke the antagonists “once more to the breach!”  You may think I am evil.  Well, so did my mom!

When I took my first programming course at university, I asked the professor “which computer language is the best one to learn?”  The professor, who was known for his temper, looked at me over his spectacles and with a raised voice said “They are all rubbish! Just choose one and get on with making money!”   After regaining my composure, I perused the matter with a follow-up question “But what if the language falls out of favour by the time I have mastered it?” He took off his glasses and responded, with a louder voice, “Then you learn some other rubbish and get on with making money!”

Realising that I was running the risk of getting trapped in an infinite loop (I knew more than I let on!), I did not peruse the matter any further.  Nearly two decades on, I have come to the conclusion that he was right.

Knowledge is always a good thing and there is nothing wrong with learning JavaScript.  It is a powerful language and by some accounts the most widely-used language in the world – it may not be the language of choice for large complex mission-critical applications – but it is the most widely-used language nevertheless!

So if you have enough time to master JavaScript and are game enough to develop large and complex systems in it, knock yourself out!

However, if you love your Pascal, VB and C# and want to get on with making money so you can master JavaScript later with a full stomach, give Morfik a try.

By the way, my plan A is to watch The Simpsons.

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