MDA Release: Four new Packages and five additional Sample Projects

It’s been a busy week for the MDA team. We’ve produced four new Packages to help you build high-quality web applications in record time, and we have prepared another five Sample Projects to highlight some of the best features of Morfik. All sample projects are free to download and come with full source code.

First, let’s take a look at the new packages we have for you.

The Google AdSense Package makes it easy to build Google AdSense into your Morfik website.  AdSense is a Google service that adds text or graphic advertising to your website (see Figure 1). Whenever a visitor to your website clicks on one of these ads, Google gets paid and you receive a portion of that money. With the Google AdSense Package you can start generating revenue right away. A live demo of the Google AdSense Package is available here.

Figure 1. Google Ad

Amazon S3 is a way to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. Morfik’s Amazon S3 Uploader Package is all you need to add S3 to your web application. The package includes both an S3Manager class that gives you access to S3 API and an S3Uploader widget that allows files to be uploaded directly to S3 (see Figure 2). A live demo of the Amazon S3 Uploader Package is available here.

Figure 2. Amazon S3 Uploader widget

The YouTube Package allows you to play YouTube videos on your Morfik website. Because the actual video files are stored on YouTube servers, there is no need to set up your own server for storing videos or to provide additional coding. Simply place a YouTube widget on a form (see Figure 3) and enter a video tag (see Figure 4). A live demo of Morfik’s YouTube Package is available here.

Figure 3. Placing a YouTube widget on a form

Figure 4. Entering a video tag

The Accordion Package provides multiple panels for organizing user controls. You can create as many panels as you like, directing them horizontally or vertically (see Figure 5) and placing user controls inside.  A live demo of the Accordion Package is available here.

Figure 5. Directing panels horizontally and vertically

These packages are available to all MDA Plus and MDA Premium subscribers, and can be downloaded from the Morfik Packages webpage.

And now to the sample projects that were also released this week …

Morfik Registration is a simple project for registering users. It includes a routine to send an email upon registration. It also ‘Checks for Duplicates’ and includes ‘Captcha’ to ensure registration is done by a real person. The live demo is available here.

Please note that this project is intended to be a demonstration only and does not cover all aspects of user accounts management. Please use our Security Package if you need a full solution.

Morfik Reports is a cut-down version of the AjaxSMB Project. It only includes Reports and is currently downloadable as part of the Morfik Reports video in the eLearning center. The live demo is available here.

Morfik CMS is a simple Content Management System that can be extended to run almost any content-driven website. This example is used throughout the Database_Guide of the MorfikWiki to demonstrate everything from table structures to how to build the user interface. The live demo is available here.

MorfikCRM takes the classic user interface from a desktop Customer Relationship Management system and morphs it into a 100% Ajax user interface. The live demo is available here.

Morfik CSV shows how to export data from a table in your project to a CSV format file. This is a good example of server-side programming and includes some SQL coding. The live demo is available here.

All samples projects are free to download from Morfik’s Sample Projects webpage.

2 Responses to “MDA Release: Four new Packages and five additional Sample Projects”

February 22nd, 2019

@John Atchison:
Hello John,

Thank you for reporting this problem. You will be pleased to know that we have improved this project and now it works well in all browsers and on local host.
There might be a need, however, to change browser settings in order for a .csv file contents to be shown onscreen, if the latter is not set by default. For example, in Opera in order for .csv file contents to appear onscreen, you should perform next actions: Go to Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Downloads and uncheck Hide file types opened with browser. Then search for csv extension, press ‘edit’ button and choose .csv file contents to go on screen.

John Atchison says:

When I use the Morfik CSV using the live demo it offers to open with EXCEL or to save allow me to save the file.

When I download the example and run it shows the result on the form.

What is the differences in the code?

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