Using Morfik Deployment Automation Services on your own servers

Any new and revolutionary technology will face the dilemma of supply and demand prerequisites for third party support. Generally, third parties will wait until demand for a service reaches a level that ensures profitability before providing such a service. Web hosting is no exception to this rule and Morfik has specifically developed its deployment technology with this in mind.

To address this challenge Morfik has developed its deployment technology with four main objectives:

  1. to facilitate third party hosting services by ensuring all required software components are easily available
  2. to create a Deployment Automation Service (DAS) that can be made available for use on any server
  3. to entice commercial operators to offer third party hosting for Morfik applications by making available to them the Deployment Automation Service feature of Morfik that would reduce their costs and improve profitability
  4. to improve the competitive position of Morfik developers in the corporate market with the option of offering Morfik Deployment Automation Service features for corporate servers

After a long development cycle and participation by many, we have now reached our second objective. We are now in a position to offer DAS as a stand-alone service on third party servers.

The product is now available as a public beta. We plan to release the product in the next few weeks after we finalize the pricing. You do not need to wait until then if you wish to test the application.  Simply download the beta version of the product and take it for a test run.

We recommend the following steps:

  1. Read this blog by Shahram Mirkazemi in which he explains how auto-deployment works.
  2. Follow the steps described in Shahram’s blog and auto-deploy one of your xApps as a demo on our hosting service.
  3. Download Morfik DAS beta software (the AGENT).
  4. Follow the instructions to install and register the software.
  5. Take the Morfik Deployment Automation Service for a test drive.
  6. Tell us what you think.

If you are happy with your hosting service provider and wish that they would offer hosting for Morfik applications, by all means bring to their attention the Morfik Deployment Automation Service.  Morfik will try to assist third party hosting service providers with a smooth transition.

We will describe the technology behind Morfik Deployment Automation Services (DAS) in future blogs, but here is a brief overview of its components.

There are three high-level entities involved in the infrastructure:

  1. MorfikSpace Active Directory Services (ADS)—provides authentication and access control as well as configuration information about the deployment server and how to find it.
  2. Server Deployment Agent (AGENT)—the software that gets installed on the server to automate the process. This software is automatically updated when a new version of the software is made available.
  3. Morfik IDE—provides the front-end for auto-deployment.

Please share your opinions and experience with everyone by posting comments to this blog.

5 Responses to “Using Morfik Deployment Automation Services on your own servers”

December 12th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Before I give you the good news let me thank you for the positive feedback especially those who suggested different pricing models and methods of availability. We are keeping everything simple to avoid complicated packaging and pricing so here is the good news:

Morfik Auto Deployment software will be included in the MDA premium subscription at no additional cost!

We now look forward to the valuable input from those of you who wish to beta test the product.


Siamack Yousofi
Marketing Manager, Morfik

Darryl Strickland says:

Please carefully consider the pricing as many of us developers are not corporations or hosting providers. I simple have a few servers already being hosted that are owned and this would be a nice to have feature versus connecting via VPN and rolling my own changes.

Maybe you should have several tiered pricing.
1) Part of the MDA for developers hosting own application
2) Corporate price
3) Hosting Provider price

Thanks for your consideration.

Shahram Mirkazemi Shahram Mirkazemi says:

I should clarify something that may have not been obvious in the blog about the availability of Morfik Auto-Deployment software to the end users.

Morfik Auto-Deployment software makes use of features which are only available in IIS 7. IIS 7 unfortunately is only available for Windows 2008 in the server line of Microsoft Operating system.

The installation of Morfik Auto-Deployment software requires a fresh installation of IIS. I certainly don’t recommend installing it on any server that has existing IIS-based applications running on it. It will create more troubles than it’s worth.

As for using different ports other than 80, it is not currently possible however we will look into this option in one of the future releases.

Ivailo Bourov ivailo Bourov says:

Very Impressing,
I’m still not tried, because have read about fixed port requirements but IIS and other servicesused these ports on my host.
Is there any way to apply configurable port seatings of Morfik deployment service at final release?

Darryl Strickland says:

Thanks for the software, however I can not use it because all of our servers are running Windows 2003. What are the requirements that only work with 2008 and not 2003?


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