Previewing improvements to Continuous Editable Forms in Morfik 3

Recently a developer on our blog site made the following comment: “I’ve been watching and trialing Morfik for about a year now. I still can’t use it because of one simple thing. You haven’t created a properly functioning, bug free, good user experience continuous editable form.”

Well, I am about to share with you something that will completely change that!

In Morfik 3 the implementation of Continuous Editable Forms is dramatically enhanced. In fact it will have features of both Continuous and Single Forms; content will be displayed like Continuous Forms but will have the editing capabilities of Single Forms!  The best way to get a feel for the improvements in performance and usability is to have a look at the following Continuous Editable Forms demo:

Another major enhancement in Morfik 3 is the ability to customize the way a band appears and functions when in edit mode. This will open up a number of interesting possibilities. As well as a greater level of control over the appearance of edit controls, you can define a custom layout to better accommodate advanced editing tasks. For example, you can edit fields that are not visible in the Continuous Form normally.

In Morfik 3, a new band for Continuous Editable Forms is automatically created at design time which will allow for customization of the Detail band in edit mode.  The content of this band is synchronized with the content on the Detail band. For example, if you have a TextLabel linked to the field “Category”, the IDE will create a TextEdit control in the new band that is linked to the same field.

We are committed to making Continuous Forms the preferred model for presenting tabular data on the web, and with Morfik 3, I feel we are coming a step closer to delivering on this promise.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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January 22nd, 2017
Dinyar Cooper says:

@Dmitry Medvedev:

I think I made that comment and looking at the demo…i’m excited! Great to see Morfik team taking prompt action on what’s important.

regards, Dinyar

@Adam Brett:

Adam, we’re currently working on globalization system, allowing to have number of numeric and datetime locales in the application. Controls like datetime editor will display information using current locale, which can be switched at run-time.


Adam Brett says:

Demo is good. I would love to see the date combo reflect the date of the Locale of the User’s computer.

Right now it assumes MMM / DD / YYYY … which is fine in America, but confusing to others.

@Andy Ludgate:
Thank you for the suggestions. We will definitely continue improving usability of continuous editable form to provide grid-like behavior.


Andy Ludgate says:

Looking better – but will the keyboard navigation be expanded further.
When entering lots of data into a grid (ahh sorry – contineous form) it’s really useful to be able to do it all with the keyboard and not use a mouse. Is there a way of entering edit mode (i.e start typing on focused cell or F2 would be nice) or something like ^SPACE, Alt-SPACE, or ^DOWN ARROW etc to drop down the date box or combo boxes. My users are used to standard grid controls – is this possible with the contineous forms on a morfik web page?

Looks great.

If you guys solve to things only, i will come back to morfik:

1) Importing WDSL file with more than one service inside.
2) Linux 64 bits output file.

Best regards.

@Hyberson: If I understand your suggestion correctly, you’d like to have combobox to be displayed only in edit mode. Well, this is what’s new edit band is about – in Morfik 3 you will be able fully customize how your form will look in edit mode. So in “read” mode you can have label, and in “edit” mode – lookup combobox, similar way it’s done for Gender field in the demo project that I’ve put for the purpose of this blog.

Now, that looks impressive! As Darryl, I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the new stuff in Morfik 3.


Darryl Strickland says:

Congrats on the upcoming functionality. The only problem is that we need it now. -)

How about a new pioneers program where we can test and start using some of this great new stuff before summer.

Keep up the good work as I REALLY am looking forward to version 3.

Michael says:

Cool …

Aquiles Rodriguez says:

This is what was waiting a lot of time ago , Excellent !!!

have keyboard navegation
enter edit mode with double-click
combobox included in detail band

please inform me about another keyborad shortcut
by example shortcut for submit edition

in NEW data, the posibility of continue inserting rows up to explicit leave entering data.

one new row
one new row
one new row leave entering data and return to display rows

congratulations again !!

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