MDA Release: Amazon Ads Package and Lightbox Package

We are pleased to announce the release of the Amazon Ads Package and Lightbox Package.

The AmazonAds package (see package in action)

The Amazon Ads Package is designed to display Amazon Product Links and Banners on Morfik-built websites.

Place the widget on the form, then visit Amazon Associates Central website, select the banner or link you want to show on your website, copy the text generated by Amazon, and paste it into the HTMLCode property of a widget. That’s it—you can now run your project and see the ads being displayed.

A live demo of this package is available here.

Figure 1. Adding HTML code of the the Amazon Banner in the HTMLCode property of the Amazon Banner’s widget.

The Lightbox package (see package in action)

The Lightbox Package allows you to display large images using modal dialog on your Morfik-built website.
Simply place a Thumbnail Picture widget on a form and use its Picture property to specify the image that will be displayed. At runtime the user will be able to click on the thumbnail to have the full-sized image shown in a nice-looking modal dialog.

A live demo of this package is available here.

One Response to “MDA Release: Amazon Ads Package and Lightbox Package”

February 22nd, 2019
Gavin Horne says:

Hi Slava,

The lightbox control is another great package.

I happen to be doing a site for an Art Gallery right now & have some ideas for an enhanced version that would be great for me if you could knock it up in the next couple of days ;^)

I would like to see the package include an advanced image upload control, either as a seperate control or available in edit mode, that would upload an image to a database record in 3 versions. 1. The original picture 2. A thumbnail version 3. A ‘View’ version

Images 2 & 3 would be resized & reduced in quality to settings specified in the control e.g. 96DPI, Thumbnail 50×50, View 800×600

Keep up the great work.


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