MDA Release: PayPal Package and updated Security Package

We are pleased to announce the release of the PayPal package, Security package update and Security Client package as well as an update of the Sharing and Bookmarking package.

The PayPal package (see package in action)

The Morfik PayPal Package allows you to implement the PayPal Express Checkout into your Morfik-built websites in but a few simple steps so your customers could complete transactions in the same easy manner. Well known for its reliability and being PayPal’s premier checkout solution, Express Checkout allows your customers to use their shipping and billing information stored at PayPal to check out, thus saving time and raising trust between you and your customers. PayPal Package has been released in response to frequent requests from Morfik developers. A live demo is available here.

The Security package (see package in action)

The revised version of the Security Package incorporates several improvements. The password recovery system now uses an email and token validation method as is common in many link authentication systems. This system works by sending a temporary, due-to-expire link to the user’s email address that allows the user to set a new password. Changing user passwords has also been made available to administrators. Also, this version includes two cookie implementations: a persistent ‘remember me’ type cookie and a non-persistent session-based cookie.  A live demo is available here.

One thing to be aware of when updating the security package is that all tables embedded in the Security package will also be updated during the process. This will clear their data content! So be sure to export your user data (using IDE’s Export facility) and then import back after you have successfully upgraded the package. And needless to say, you should do a backup of your project before performing this operation.

The Security Client package (see package in action)

The Morfik Security Client package provides all the features of the standard Morfik Security Package but allows a number of Morfik XApps to share a central database for storing common security information. This will allow users to register at different websites while managing them at one place. A live demo is available here.

The Sharing and Bookmarking package (see package in action)

Also, we have added a ShareThis widget to the Sharing and Bookmarking package. A live demo is available here.

2 Responses to “MDA Release: PayPal Package and updated Security Package”

February 22nd, 2019
adam says:

Well done! The improvements to the security package seem really useful. Give us WorldPay and / or a few of the other eCommerce mechanisms for credit card payment & we will really be rocking.

Aquiles says:

dear Slava,
I have more packages now, but please add a small white paper to each package, this will save time and errors, thank you.

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