Morfik 3 Update

Let me start by saying how pleasantly surprised I was yesterday when I looked at the latest build of Morfik 3.

While going through the standard routine of creating a new project, Morfik IDE presented me with some ready-made web page templates (“pages as first class objects” are key new design entities in Morfik 3 and you will hear a lot more about them), but what really caught my attention was the fact that it included specially designed template pages for iPhone!

I hit the run button and auto-deployed the new app. I pointed my iPhone to the new app on MorfikSpace and sure enough, it showed the special page that fitted perfectly into my small iPhone screen.  I then went to my PC, pointed my browser to the same site and got the standard page served to my PC.

I immediately realised that with Morfik 3 we can now write one application that targets multiple devices.   Without any coding on the developer’s part, Morfik applications can serve different web pages that are optimised for the form factor of the client device.   The Morfik debug browser also had a very realistic iPhone and iPad simulation where I could preview how the content of my web pages would appear on these devices without leaving the IDE.

This took me back to the old desktop days where cross-platform compatibility was the developer’s main challenge.   What worked on one platform did not run on another so tool makers came up with the idea of “write once compile many” approach with mixed results.   Then came the browser and we had a single platform but now had to take up the challenge of cross browser compatibility.  Morfik 1 and 2 do a good job of fixing this.  Now we have the challenge of multiple form factors and while it may not be difficult for Morfik developers to deal with this challenge, it can be very time consuming and tedious. So Morfik 3 aims at making this easy by bringing you a Web development model that is based on “one application, many form factors”.

The R&D crew have been at it REALLY hard and the beta version is mighty close.  It’s a matter of days now!!

Stay tuned for more news on Morfik 3 beta release.

6 Responses to “Morfik 3 Update”

February 22nd, 2019
Fritz says:

Yes using remobjects would be the realy nice

Ivailo Bourov Ivailo Bourov says:

Writing of one application that targets multiple devices is a great feature. I looking forward for M3 release.

Michael says:

Donald – your word in gods ear. It would be the je ne sais aquoi

Darryl Strickland says:

This is really cool. Looking forward to what’s ahead with version 3.

Are there any other nuggets you could leak while you are at it?

Well Siamack, follow this road and you will get my money again. The only thing i need for rebuy morfik is you solve importing WSDL files with more than one service to allow integration with remobjects.

Aquiles says:

Your are a Bad boy, now I need a valium to abate my

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