Morfik 3 Update: Improved design-time behaviour of widgets

Today I would like to share with you a preview of another exciting new feature found in the upcoming Morfik 3—an enhanced widgets system. I called Sergey Kostinsky and asked him for some insight into this.  Here is what he said:

“While the widgets model introduced in Morfik 2 has proven itself extremely capable, we wanted to make few a improvements to the existing system.

Firstly, we were not quite happy with the Properties Panel being the only way to set up the widgets. While it is okay for simple controls, it isn’t really up to the task when the user has to customize a sophisticated widget. To address this problem we have implemented support for custom settings dialogs. In Morfik 3 the widget writer can provide a .dll file where a settings dialog is implemented.

Now, one package that our customers were frequently requesting is a charts package. I’m happy to say that the MDA team has been working hard to produce one, and it is going to be released at the same time as 3.0 goes out. It is utilizing one of the most powerful charting products available— FusionCharts—and makes full use of features added in 3.0.

Here is how you customize a chart widget:

Quite an improvement over the Properties Panel!

Furthermore, we are going to extend the list of functions and IDE objects accessible from the design script. It will also be documented, making it easier for the widget writers. What’s more, the widget writer can implement custom functions in a .dll file and use them in the design script.

Another improvement we have introduced in Morfik 3 is in the behavior of some widgets at design time. For example, Morfik 2 would show a grey box in place of a Flash control. While the technical reasons for it are understandable, we were never happy about it.  In Morfik 3 we have come up with a way to render Flash controls at design-time. Here’s the same video player flash control used in 2.4 and 3.0:

It’s live at design time too, meaning that any changes to it update the control’s appearance. This makes working with widgets built around Flash controls much more enjoyable as you can immediately see how the control is going to look at runtime.

Also it is worth mentioning that all existing Morfik packages will continue to work as they did before.”

So as you can see the long awaited charting package will also be released when Morfik 3 is ready.  The MDA team will post a blog about the charting package in due course.

Please stay tuned for more Morfik 3 updates.

5 Responses to “Morfik 3 Update: Improved design-time behaviour of widgets”

February 22nd, 2019
bee says:

oh, no! not a flash-based chart! morfik user main motive is to avoid flash, and now you use flash? i prefer native js chart system like highcharts or jschats. please!

Mocte says:

Great news !!

Can you share any advance in other areas? I’m interested on an input mask control, maybe somekind of error provider validation for data forms for example.

Ivailo Bourov Ivailo Bourov says:

I suppose that widget .dll file where a settings dialog is implemented will be optional in case when browser only Xapp is developed.
I’m curious too whether M3 will be released in promised deadline at second quarter of 2010.

Michael says:

You don’t have – the packages are available in case of the subscription that also includes the upgrade. But you are right – it took some time but now it really comes close to hat I need too to put a lot more out in public. It already works for me…

IanB says:

See, this is lovely – but WHEN will it be ready?

I’m really impressed with Morfik but I don’t want to buy v2 when I could get v3 imminently. All the previews of “soon to be coming features” make it clear it’s going to be what I am looking for. Surely I’d end up paying for one version and then having to pay out for an upgrade fee (or full price!) to get the version I *actually* want. 🙂

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