Introducing the Morfik Rewards Program

We are pleased to announce the Morfik Rewards Program, designed to harness and maximize the use of available resources within the community and foster a cooperative support culture among Morfik users by directly rewarding those who voluntarily share their valuable time and experience with their fellow developers.

All peer support activities within the Morfik community attract reward points that can be exchanged for a range of products, services, merchandise and priority support, or used for sponsoring the development of product features and Morfik packages of choice. In addition to Morfik reward points, active participants in peer support will receive reputation badges according to criteria designed to reflect the quality of their contribution, level of expertise and knowledge of Morfik products.

Morfik developers can earn reward points through the following contributions:

  • answering questions in Morfik Support Forums
  • user-sponsored reward point bounties
  • identification and reporting of software bugs
  • software testing
  • submission of articles for Morfik Wiki
  • submission of tutorials
  • developing sample code and projects
  • other contributions.

Morfik Reward Points can be thought of as a form of currency that can be exchanged primarily for peer support and from time to time for goods and services. These may include:

  • receiving peer support in exchange for reward bounties
  • commissioning documentation, testing, tutorials and similar services for Morfik applications
  • voting to fast-track bug fixes, product features and specialized packages
  • redeeming reward points for products and services such as Morfik licenses and MDA subscriptions, cool gadgets and other merchandise of practical value to web developers.

In order to enable participants to announce bounties for their urgent support needs, all licensed users of Morfik products will be issued with 1000 reputation points when they purchase the product.

Please refer to this wiki article for more information . . .

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