Morfik 3.0 Beta Release

Dear Morfik Developers,

On behalf of the entire Morfik development team, I am very happy to share with you the exciting news that the Morfik 3 beta is now available. We are particularly excited as we have managed this ahead of the opening game of the Soccer World Cup. Now we can watch the games without feeling guilty!

For those of you who have been waiting for Morfik 3 and would like to get straight into the game, I will share a few thoughts that might help you get off to a good start and, at the same time, prepare you for some rough play that you might experience in the early stages of the beta period.

Morfik 3’s game plan is based on the same basic strategy as Morfik 2—to give you features that help you keep up with the requirements of modern web applications without making the process too complicated.

Visual Pages
Increasing power without increasing weight was the key objective when we set out to create Morfik 3. The new Visual Pages are a great example of this. They reduce the complexity associated with publishing URLs so much that, in my not so humble opinion, they are nothing short of amazing! (See the blog about support for iPhone and iPad.)

Database connectivity
We made some serious tackles during the development of important areas of Morfik 3. Database connectivity is now delivered through the very successful package architecture. This means we can provide first-class support for other databases such as MS SQL and MySQL, without burdening the IDE with a whole lot of extra baggage. The Zeos package is our first shot; this will be delivered shortly after the Morfik 3 public beta is out.

We’ve also increased the load-bearing capability of Widgets through a new API.  Widgets can now support sophisticated design-time behavior that can be used to bring in even more functionality—through packages—without weighing down the Morfik IDE. The Fusion Charts package is a great example of this.

Visual effects
We wanted applications made with Morfik 3 to be visually spectacular, so another excellent move was to add support for visual effects and animation. This is done natively (not through third-party JavaScript libraries), which improves the presentation of Morfik applications with almost no additional weight. Click here to see an example of this!

Application fitness
One area that we have targeted for Morfik 3 is application performance. The enhancements in this area concern the speed and load-bearing capacity of Morfik applications at run time. Being mindful of stability, however, we decided not to include the optimization code in the first beta. But, these enhancements will be included in the product during the beta phase once we are sure they are in peak condition—Morfik applications will be fighting fit for the main game when Morfik 3 is out of the beta period.

Data management
I’ve got to be honest here. We planned to include support for data management features such as formatting, validation and mask editing into the first beta, but we had to complete the database connectivity functions before work in this area could proceed. As you saw above, we managed to get that out on the field—but it meant our work in the data management areas ended up behind schedule. Faced with the prospect of missing the World Cup if we delayed the release, we decided to keep these features out of the first beta. They will however be in the main line up for the big match when we go out with the full release.

PDF capability
As I am sure you are all aware, the game’s not always about attacking; sometimes you need to address any holes in your defense too. The new PDF capability for supporting Unicode in Reports is a great example of that. This should fix all the issues with the Cyrillic Character sets and the like. This feature is delivered through a package and you will see it shortly after the release of the beta. In fact, you can already see a demo for it here.

New websites
We would like to point out that all the new Morfik websites are done in Morfik 3! I am sure you will agree with me that they look pretty good for a bunch of programmers! With Morfik 3, you can beat web designers in their own game!

And that’s just a taste of what to expect in Morfik 3. But what is a game without instructions and rules? We’ve thought of that too …

Extensive wiki documentation and Morfik Support Forum
The Morfik Wiki and Support Forums provide knowledge and support that are invaluable to newcomers to the game. The wiki is now even more extensive with the inclusion of training videos, and it is growing all the time. And now that we’ve made our forums public, it’s even easier to get into the game.

Did I mention rules? Just like any game, it’s a whole lot more fun when everyone plays nicely. Check out our open forums, but remember to play by the rules. If you’re a team player on the Morfik Support Forums you’ll find your efforts will be recognized through the new Morfik Rewards Program.

Some say it’s not all about winning; it’s how you play the game that counts. I say it is all about winning, and how you play the game helps you get there! Morfik 3 gives you everything you need to enjoy the game, play well and win. Plus, you will be provided with detailed instructions and game plans, access to experienced players and you will be rewarded for supporting your teammates.

Download it and let the games begin! Enjoy!


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February 22nd, 2019

@ John Atchison:
Hi John,
Just posted a response to your query on Morfik Discussion Forum. You can view it here.


John Atchison says:

Hi Shah and Aram,

I am beyond confused. How does the beta thing work? Are we supposed to use if for production? Play with it and report errors. Does it expire? When will there be a real version? In general I have real work to do and kind of vaguely think I can it get done with Morfik. Each time you change the version I bite the bullet and upgrade taking the good with the bad and try not to look back.

But now this strange Beta thing. I can sort of see what you are doing to get new users to try Morfik, but for the life of me I can’t see how this works for existing users who are enough beyond the learning curve to get things done and are actually using Morfik. Could you enlighten me and let me know when there will be an actual release ( like RC1 ) and how I should think about cutting over to exclusive 3.x use for production.

Timeline with dates would be great now that the WC is over.


@ Bastiaan:
You will be pleased to know that our R&D team are planning to complete the implementation of data management features (formatting, validation and mask editing) in one of the upcoming releases of Morfik 3 and these features should surface in the not too distant future.

I suggest starting to use Morfik 3.0 beta with your projects (make sure you do a backup of the project first). The new version offers a number of new and exciting features which you don’t want to miss when working on your projects and so far it has proved to be a solid release. Your projects from Morfik 2.4 should open, compile and run without any issues in Morfik 3.0 beta and if you happen to experience any problems, please let us know by reporting it in the Forum.

Morfik wiki is a good source of knowledge to learn about Morfik and has been updated to include the new features in Morfik 3.0 and check back often for more content updates.

Hope this helps.


Bastiaan says:


I have just discovered and bougth a copy o Morfik 2.4.

I am excited with Morfik, but of course I am still begining with it.

I have 2 observations :

First I agree with Stefano Monterisi

Data management features such as formatting, validation and mask editing Should be a priority (And it seems do be easy to implement ?? I hope).

I also, like many developers, need to develop strong business applications (RIA), and also web sites, and without those native features, the job is very hard.
Please implement this features as soon as possible.

Second I am a little confused.

I have just bougth Morfik 2.4 and trying to use it in my first application.

Now appears Version 3.

What should I do ?

Continue to use my installed Morfik 2.4 .
or begin again with 3.0.

And how about my first project, I am suferring a little to put the pieces together (it is not finish yet, but until now it looks pretty well !!).

If I change to version 3. will my project work well with version 3 ?

Even just begining to explore Morfik, until now I am impressed with it.

Congratulations and gook luck, I am betting in Your product to be My development tool, for the next Years.

Stefano Monterisi says:

Data management features such as formatting, validation and mask editing are our priority needs.
We have to develope strong business applications (RIA), not web sites, and without those native features, the job is very hard.
Infact I am a Morfik pioneer but until now, I don’t use it in real production.
I hope those features are added in a very short time…
Good job

Chris says:

Great to see support for the iPhone and iPad.

Will you add support please for Android?

Chris says:

Will there be provision for double-byte unicode character sets please for the PDF reporting? i.e. Chinese (not in above demo of M3).

Alex says:

Well, if you get this error :

Remember to delete fpc.cfg, it should be somewhere next to your fpc.exe ( in C:\Program Files (x86)\Morfik\BX v3.0.0.49\System\PlatformCompilers\fp\bin\i386-win32\ppc386.exe in my case ).

Visual page are fun indeed.

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