Morfik opens its discussion forums to the general public

With the upcoming release of Morfik 3.0, the updated documentation and the emergence of an enthusiastic core of experienced developers who are willing and able to provide peer support, we feel the time is right to open our forums to prospective Morfik developers as they download the trial version and investigate the suitability of the Morfik platform for their specific needs.

We believe the key factor in the long-term success of Morfik as an application development tool for use by professional developers is the quality of our support. A runaway support load, however, can easily overwhelm us and reduce the quality of the support below what we regard as acceptable.

In order to overcome this challenge, we have set ourselves the following goals and principles:

  • careful use of resources according to support priorities
  • attaching higher priority to support requests related to the development of real-world projects
  • fostering a spirit of community support among the user base
  • continuous improvement of the quality of the platform and active fixing of reported bugs
  • continuous improvement of the quality of user documentation.

There will inevitably be a marked increase in forum traffic and requests for support. The Morfik development team will continue to provide technical support as before; however, priority will be given to paying customers who themselves have to provide support in the use of Morfik applications to their own clients. While all licensed versions of the software are eligible for support, for efficiency only current versions of the free trial download will be supported.

We are confident that the community spirit and strong culture of peer support among Morfik users will help make this a successful undertaking.

One Response to “Morfik opens its discussion forums to the general public”

February 22nd, 2019
philnext says:

Very good idea !
One of the best to increase the Morfik popularity, but I think that it would be really efficient with a true ‘Free version’ of Morfik, may be just changing the license (with the same limitations) of the ‘Fre trial Version’ which we can’t know what is allowed to do with.

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