Introducing fast native database connectivity for MySQL and MS SQL with the release of MDA Zeos Package

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the Zeos package.

The Morfik Zeos package.

The Morfik Zeos package contains classes that support direct connections to client-server databases through native connectors, removing the need to use ODBC. This package is based on the Open source ZeosLib code. The initial package offers native connections for MS SQL and MySQL databases (Figure 1.).

Figure 1. Connecting to MSSQL and MySQL using Zeos package

The Zeos Package is free to download from the Morfik Packages webpage.

4 Responses to “Introducing fast native database connectivity for MySQL and MS SQL with the release of MDA Zeos Package”

February 22nd, 2019
Chisolm Wilson says:

How bout connectivity to a Nexus DB database? That would be fantastic.

Elton says:

Sorry for my dumb question…
but, in Morfik 3, will i still need a VPS server?

J. M. Dias Costa says:

A while ago I tested the ability of Morfik connect through ODBC, to Oracle, Postgresql and SQL Server databases and found Morfik couldn’t see data views in any of those databases.
Thinking the problem could be in my machines (2) I asked for help from Morfik, who was very helpful, but the problem wasn’t solved.
Today I tested the current beta (only in one machine) and found that the problem is still there.
Do You think this an issue exclusive in my machine or is it an issue to be resolved in the next release?

Any information about this issue will be greatly appreciated.
I intend to buy Morfik, but can’t do it if it doesn’t “see” database views.

Best regards
Dias Costa

pstgi says:

Just tried it and am finding the performance slow. On a simple table with 500 rows its taking about 6 seconds for initial page load and about the same each time I page using the navigator. It’s a Windows 7 dev machine with 8Gb Ram, i7 Quad processor, SQL 2008,

Also if I press the last record navigator button receive an error: Operation cannot be performed on an inactive dataset. Is this related to the driver or M3?

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