MDA Release: Google Analytics update

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the Google Analytics package update for Morfik 2 and Morfik 3.

The Google Analytics package.

Most prominent features of the updated Google Analytics package include multiple domain tracking, event tracking, ecommerce and more.

Multiple domain tracking.

Multiple domain tracking have been added to determine the scope of what domains will be tracked. When set to a Null string, which is the default, a single domain will be tracked based upon the location object of the DOM. If set to a domain name, all subdomains of that domain (that are in the Google Analytics profile) will be tracked. When set to ‘none’, multiple domains may be tracked.

Both Standard and Asynchronous Tracking are also supported in this package. One of the most useful methods there is Push  which takes a Command Array (TArray) parameter and executes it on the Google Analytics server. The first element of the command array must be the name of a Tracker Object Method and the other elements are the values which would normally be passed for that command, if any.

Event Tracking.

The Google Analytics package now has support for tracking events, which can be used for tracking user behavior that does not result in a page change, such as interacting with a Flash video.


This version of the Google Analytics package also includes support for ecommerce tracking using AddTrans and AddItem combined with TrackTrans.

In addition, this module includes support for Domain and Directory methods, Basic Methods, Web Client methods, Campaign Tracking methods and more.

We have included a sample project that shows how to implement new features in your Morfik project. This package is available to all MDA Plus and MDA Premium subscribers, and can be downloaded from the Morfik Packages webpage.

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