MDA Release: tcPDF Report Package

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the tcPDF Report Package.

The tcPDF Reort package (see live demo).

The Morfik tcPDFReport package contains server-side classes that allow the creation of run-time PDF documents that include Unicode characters and is based on the open source TCPDF PHP software which can be downloaded here.

This package includes a sample project that shows how to implement required features in your Morfik projects. This package is available to all MDA Plus and MDA Premium subscribers and can be downloaded from the Morfik Packages webpage.

2 Responses to “MDA Release: tcPDF Report Package”

February 22nd, 2019
Worajedt Sitthidumrong says:

Hi, Morfik Team

I’ve tested with Thai Encoding and it’s not work. Should be from your system may not have a Thai font.

Last beta I’ve test on my WinXP it worked but have not display some characters.

Please check this URL. I’ve zipped files for you to test already.

Darryl Strickland says:

Thanks for another package but the example is not very good. I hope it’s the example and not the quality of the package.

First, “Place text in red ellipse” the ellipse runs off the page.

Second, “Place text in green rectangle” neither normal and unicode text are both outside of the rectangle.

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