MDA Release: Lightbox Package 2.0

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the Lightbox package v2.0 as well as the Repeater control sample project.

The Lightbox package (see live demo).

The Morfik Lightbox package Version 2 is an update to the original Lightbox package that allows you to overlay a full size image on a page by clicking on a thumbnail image using a transition effect to display it. Images can be loaded from either the repository or from an associated database table.

Although the initial version of the Lightbox package required downloading a javascript file, this version is written entirely in native “Morfik”, which provides an opportunity to investigate how one can  implement image transitions using Morfik’s built-in effects.

This package includes a sample project that shows how to implement required features in your Morfik applications. This package is available to all MDA Plus and MDA Premium subscribers and can be downloaded from the Morfik Packages webpage.

Repeater control sample project (see live demo).

The repeater control sample project focuses on the control itself and shows how it may be used to implement filtered lists, how to use it on a continuous form and how to implement repeater control in a dropdown.

All samples projects are free to download from Morfik’s Sample Projects webpage.

One Response to “MDA Release: Lightbox Package 2.0”

February 22nd, 2019
Ivailo Bourov Ivailo Bourov says:

It’s nice that Lightbox package uses Morfik features and that DB binding is supported already. Will try it.
About repeater – will be very powerful component when pagination is implemented. Is there any plans related?
If Morfik team doesn’t plan pagination any example how this can be done will be very useful for us.

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