Morfik to join forces with Altium

You might have noticed my low profile on the forum in the past few weeks and perhaps thought that I might have finally decided to give myself a break and take some quiet time away from work. Well, nothing could be further from the truth!

In the last few weeks I have been involved with an exciting development that I think can be a game-changer for Morfik and its loyal developer community. Specifically, I have been involved with a series of discussions with Altium, a maker of software and hardware development tools for electronic devices, to build a cloud-based web-application platform for electronic devices built by Altium tools.

In order to achieve this objective an acquisition proposal has been put forward by Altium to which Morfik has agreed in principle. You can read here a more formal announcement by Altium on their intention to acquire Morfik.

I am sure the first question that will be entering your head is how this will impact Morfik developers and Morfik’s future direction. Assuming that this proposal will eventuate in acquisition I can foreshadow the following directional changes:

  • Rapid Expansion of MorfikSpace Services
  • Supporting enterprise-level web applications (high scalability and availability)
  • First class support for MySQL
  • A greater support for mobile devices
  • Bringing forward the implementation of HTML5 support in Morfik

Morfik’s business will otherwise continue as usual. Morfik 3 will be released as promised. Morfik IDE will continue to move forward beyond 3.0. New Morfik packages will be created and maintained as before. MDA subscriptions will continue and most likely will include new services.

I am sure you will have many questions. Please do not hesitate to ask them on the forum. We will provide answers to the best of our ability and to the extent that is possible under the circumstances.

To get a feel for Altium’s thinking, check out this white paper, What’s next for electronics devices? written in April of last year by Altium CEO Nick Martin.

We are excited with this new prospect and hope that it won’t be long before you will also be positively affected by the outcome of this move.


3 Responses to “Morfik to join forces with Altium”

February 22nd, 2019
Ebi Ere says:

Morfik for embedded devices will be a real game changer in the embedded market space

AdamBrett says:

Wow, sounds serious … I hope it is a positive acquisition, allowing Morfik real opportunity to develop, these processes are often more complex than they seem.

Michael says:

Is it possible then to have Morfik for embedded devices?

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