Morfik/Altium update

As we move closer to the completion of the business transaction between Morfik and Altium, certain patterns of restructuring are beginning to emerge which we will share with you as they materialize into action.

The restructuring is mostly an outcome of future plans to increase the organizational resources that will be directed towards Morfik to boost its sales and marketing activities and to increase its adoption in the wider developer community.

Nick (Altium CEO) is intending to share his vision for Morfik + Altium with the community through a blog post on our website. There will also be some high level communication from other members of the Altium management which will assist in further clarifying the situation.

Notwithstanding the above, given the circumstances, please be aware that not all aspects of our future direction can be pinned down and treated as set in concrete. I do understand the need for certainty over the future of Morfik. And I do appreciate the fact that some of you make a living by doing contract work and have to commit to projects from your clients. However, there is a need for mutual understanding. Please bear in mind that this deal has not gone through yet. Altium and Morfik are still two separate companies and cannot move too far ahead without completion of the due diligence process. Nor can Altium, as a public company, make too many forward-looking statements without due process.

I would like to ask that at this crucial stage you stay resolute in your commitment and positive in your attitude towards Morfik. Such attitude should be based on the premise of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Let us be mindful of the damaging effect of jumping to conclusions too early.

It’s worth pointing out that Morfik and its users together represent one community. Everyone within this community should do their utmost to support and move this platform forward for the benefit of all.

Please remain positive and give Morfik the benefit of the doubt!

2 Responses to “Morfik/Altium update”

February 22nd, 2019
Mike Muecke says:

How do you think Morfik stacks up against the upcoming web development tool from Real Software? It seems very similar. We have used their object oriented basic in the past and are quite happy with the language tools. However, they are new to the web development arena and it seems that Morfik has been a player for a while now. We have always used Altium for all hardware design projects so the fact that they even want to look into partnering up with Morfik makes me think we should evaluate Morfic as the tool for our future web development. The one difference that immediately comes to mind is that we can use the same tool (and source) to deploy to web as we use for our existing standalone Windows, Mac, and Linux applications. Of course, to be fair, cross platform deployment is still a difficult process.

That said, I envision a time when all of our applications are browser based so the need for cross platform application development will go away. Any thoughts?

Mike Muecke
CEO Schmartz Inc.

Craig says:

“Please remain positive and give Morfik the benefit of the doubt!” We are still investing in Morfik development! I have no doubt that Morfik with continue to be a great web development platform for us development companies – in fact, I’m counting on it.

Best Luck,

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