Aram Mirkazemi

The co-founder and principle architect, Aram is most passionate about the web and the role of software in its development. After a successful venture in Electronic CAD in the 90s Aram became fascinated with the idea of running complex software within the browser. After an initial period of research and development, Aram headed up a team of hard-core software developers in the pursuit of building a tool that would change the rules of the game for the traditional software developers on the web. Conceptual integrity is Aram’s favourite words and it’s hard for him not to use the term at least once in any conversation that relates to software. Of all the wrongs, Aram regards the violation of this principle as most damaging in the process of software development. Aram is an avid user of analogy. To him Test Cricket is a blue print for all endeavours in life. Most Morfik features begin life over coffee discussions between Aram and other key Morfik developers whom Aram regards as the co-architects of Morfik software.

Morfik/Altium update

As we move closer to the completion of the business transaction between Morfik and Altium, certain patterns of restructuring are beginning to emerge which we will share with you as they materialize into action.

The restructuring is mostly an outcome of future plans to increase the organizational resources that will be directed towards Morfik to boost its sales and marketing activities and to increase its adoption in the wider developer community.

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Morfik to join forces with Altium

You might have noticed my low profile on the forum in the past few weeks and perhaps thought that I might have finally decided to give myself a break and take some quiet time away from work. Well, nothing could be further from the truth!

In the last few weeks I have been involved with an exciting development that I think can be a game-changer for Morfik and its loyal developer community. Specifically, I have been involved with a series of discussions with Altium, a maker of software and hardware development tools for electronic devices, to build a cloud-based web-application platform for electronic devices built by Altium tools.

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Morfik 3.0 Beta Release

Dear Morfik Developers,

On behalf of the entire Morfik development team, I am very happy to share with you the exciting news that the Morfik 3 beta is now available. We are particularly excited as we have managed this ahead of the opening game of the Soccer World Cup. Now we can watch the games without feeling guilty!

For those of you who have been waiting for Morfik 3 and would like to get straight into the game, I will share a few thoughts that might help you get off to a good start and, at the same time, prepare you for some rough play that you might experience in the early stages of the beta period.

Morfik 3’s game plan is based on the same basic strategy as Morfik 2—to give you features that help you keep up with the requirements of modern web applications without making the process too complicated.

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Morfik iPad Party

After waiting for what felt like an eternity my new iPad was hand-delivered to my home yesterday, three weeks ahead of its scheduled release in Australia. It did not take me long to get up and running.  Loading content through iTunes went smoothly and I was soon playing with the familiar iPhone content on this new device.

Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was check out how Morfik apps ran in the iPad. But more importantly, I wanted to find out for myself whether this new device would live up to the hype and could really change the way we experience the web. Naturally here at Morfik things like that are very important to us. The last time I was this excited was when IE5 was released. IE5 was the first browser that made it possible to think of the web as a software platform. It has been a long time since anything as significant that has happened in the world of browsers. Of course there have been a lot of major improvements over the years but no game changers. So, I was really keen to experience it first-hand.

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What lies ahead!

When driving a software product, it is tempting to create a road map studded with desired features, and bullet points that respond to every request from users and prospective customers. But experience has shown that a customer should ultimately make their decision based on whether the current state of the product is a good fit for them or not. We do realise the importance of a roadmap for project planning and certain kinds of decision making. However, we are also wary of the risk that goes with selling tomorrow over today, through promises which could lead to potential disappointment and possible disillusionment.

So starting in 2010, as a new way of providing information on development progress, we have chosen to use technology previews and product announcements, rather than continuing with the road map and timeline methods.

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Introducing Morfik technical blogs

After a long development cycle and a series of maintenance releases, Morfik 2 has reached a level of stability and strength that has allowed us to look beyond the horizon ahead and consider new possibilities.

In line with our goal to have a greater level of engagement with the wider developer community in 2010 we have decided to use Morfik's blog site (rather than our existing technical support forums) for communicating our ideas and plans for the product and its future development. Using this site, Morfik’s key developers will blog about the upcoming features and significant architectural changes that are necessary to support their implementation. From time to time we might preview new features through screenshots or live demos and invite you to comment and provide feedback to ensure we're heading in the right direction. This should also make our blogs more interesting to read!

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