Dmitry Medvedev

When not surfing at Manly Beach, Dmitry spends his time writing code and adding awesome features to Morfik software. Coming from a strong control development background on the desktop, Dmitry is most passionate about building controls on the web. He regards building Rich Internet Applications as the ultimate challenge for modern IDEs and the new software development frontiers where graphical design meets programming. As a senior developer and a key member of Morfik team he has a number of roles and responsibilities which he seems to have no trouble fulfilling. This is remarkable considering the fact that in his spare time he also runs Russia!

Previewing improvements to Continuous Editable Forms in Morfik 3

Recently a developer on our blog site made the following comment: "I’ve been watching and trialing Morfik for about a year now. I still can’t use it because of one simple thing. You haven’t created a properly functioning, bug free, good user experience continuous editable form."

Well, I am about to share with you something that will completely change that!

In Morfik 3 the implementation of Continuous Editable Forms is dramatically enhanced. In fact it will have features of both Continuous and Single Forms; content will be displayed like Continuous Forms but will have the editing capabilities of Single Forms!  The best way to get a feel for the improvements in performance and usability is to have a look at the following Continuous Editable Forms demo:

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Previewing Morfik's MenuBar control

In search of the ultimate navigation system for Morfik web applications we have come to the realization that just mimicking desktop-like menus on the web is not going to work. The use of desktop-like menus on the web has largely been criticized for its lack of usability, accessibility and scalability. Despite the criticism, desktop-like menus have been high on the list of most requested features for a long time. However, I feel there are merits to the criticism leveled against them that need addressing in order for a successful adaptation of these menus on the Web.

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