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Form and Function

For more than a decade form has been favoured over function on the web. As the business community recognised the imperative of a web presence, graphic designers usurped the website development opportunities while desktop developers took a back seat.

The static nature of web pages and the initial limitations of browser scripting, coupled with the stateless nature of the medium, obscured the true potential of the web. Even some of the most visionary of commentators dismissed the web as a passing fad and ushered the confused developers back around the desktop.

Initially, graphic designers simply transferred their clients’ printed glossy brochures onto the web. Using their photographic design tools, they pushed the envelope for web page design to its absolute limit, producing spectacular visual results while underneath lurked messy hacks and awkward workarounds.

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The browser is a beautiful thing

The idea of the browser as a universal user interface is neither new nor revolutionary. Many commentators have discussed the idea since the beginning of the century. After all, it is the natural next step in the evolution of the Internet and has precedence on the desktop which we have all witnessed.

Much the same way Microsoft Windows started life as a veneer on top of Microsoft DOS, only to grow into a full featured native OS, the browser started life and grew on top of a variety of host operating systems and will eventually emerge as a native OS on a number of hardware platforms.

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