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MDA Release: PayPal Package and updated Security Package

We are pleased to announce the release of the PayPal package, Security package update and Security Client package as well as an update of the Sharing and Bookmarking package.

The Morfik PayPal Package allows you to implement the PayPal Express Checkout into your Morfik-built websites in but a few simple steps

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Morfik Sharing and Bookmarking Package

We are pleased to announce the release of our Sharing and Bookmarking Package which is designed to make using social Sharing and Bookmarking in Morfik applications easy.

The Morfik Sharing and Bookmarking Package allows visitors to your website to select the social service of their choice in order to save, share or bookmark your content online. Instead of crowding the screen with dozens of buttons, coding API for each of them and maintaining them individually, you now can simply use all-in-one widgets with working connections to most of the social networks, blogs and messengers. The package consists of three popular social bookmarking and sharing widgets: Add This, Add to Any and Tell a Friend.

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