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Morfik and Altium

Hi Everyone,

I'm Nick Martin - I'm the guy who started Altium (known then as Protel) some 25 years ago.

I would like to share some of my thoughts on the whole Altium + Morfik equation, why we are doing this, what we are trying to achieve here and how this might all pan out.

As some of you now know, Morfik and Altium share a deep common heritage. This is based on the friendship and collaboration between Aram Mirkazemi and myself that dates back to the early days of Protel and before.

The intertwined nature of the development of technology and the explosion of infrastructure of the Internet, has been a spectacle that we have both been fascinated with for many years. Its clear now that this is the foundation of the next step for the evolution of our global society and we are seeing this unfold before us.

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