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MDA Release: The HTML5 Video Package

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the HTML5 Video Package.

The Morfik HTML5Video package contains a widget (HTML5 Video) that adds support for the HTML5 video tag and includes fallback support using Flash for browsers that don’t handle HTML5 video or some video encoding schemes.

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Morfik 3 Update: New animation and transition effects for controls

Morfik 3 further enhances the presentation capabilities of user interface controls with new animation and transition effects.  The rich user interface controls built into Morfik IDE are among the most graphically striking elements available in development tools today.   Morfik 3 narrows the gap between the skill set of application developers and graphic artists and the results are serious web business applications with stunning visual appeal developed in record time.

I asked Dmitry Medvedev, who is leading the development of these new features, for some technical insight.  Here is what he said:

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Morfik iPad Party

After waiting for what felt like an eternity my new iPad was hand-delivered to my home yesterday, three weeks ahead of its scheduled release in Australia. It did not take me long to get up and running.  Loading content through iTunes went smoothly and I was soon playing with the familiar iPhone content on this new device.

Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was check out how Morfik apps ran in the iPad. But more importantly, I wanted to find out for myself whether this new device would live up to the hype and could really change the way we experience the web. Naturally here at Morfik things like that are very important to us. The last time I was this excited was when IE5 was released. IE5 was the first browser that made it possible to think of the web as a software platform. It has been a long time since anything as significant that has happened in the world of browsers. Of course there have been a lot of major improvements over the years but no game changers. So, I was really keen to experience it first-hand.

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Will Flex go down with Flash?

Adobe Flash has featured prominently in recent blogs and press, and it is not all good news for this ubiquitous technology. With the native support for video content in HTML5, Google’s initiative to offer video content through the YouTube HTML5 Video Player and Apple’s open criticism of Flash, to the extent of refusing to support it (so far) on iPhone and iPad, dark clouds are gathering over Adobe.

It is still too early to write-off Flash and there are many arguments for and against its future.  In a recent blog John Gruber makes the interesting observation that “Flash is the only web standard based on a proprietary technology” and points out the advantages of adopting an open standard for video content on the Web.  Steve Jobs did not mince words either and had this to say about Flash and Adobe.

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The browser is a beautiful thing

The idea of the browser as a universal user interface is neither new nor revolutionary. Many commentators have discussed the idea since the beginning of the century. After all, it is the natural next step in the evolution of the Internet and has precedence on the desktop which we have all witnessed.

Much the same way Microsoft Windows started life as a veneer on top of Microsoft DOS, only to grow into a full featured native OS, the browser started life and grew on top of a variety of host operating systems and will eventually emerge as a native OS on a number of hardware platforms.

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