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Form and Function

For more than a decade form has been favoured over function on the web. As the business community recognised the imperative of a web presence, graphic designers usurped the website development opportunities while desktop developers took a back seat.

The static nature of web pages and the initial limitations of browser scripting, coupled with the stateless nature of the medium, obscured the true potential of the web. Even some of the most visionary of commentators dismissed the web as a passing fad and ushered the confused developers back around the desktop.

Initially, graphic designers simply transferred their clients’ printed glossy brochures onto the web. Using their photographic design tools, they pushed the envelope for web page design to its absolute limit, producing spectacular visual results while underneath lurked messy hacks and awkward workarounds.

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The seven ordeals of the web application developer – Part 4

Developers who seek their fortune in the web business applications market must face and survive seven ordeals and success will only favour those who come prepared.

1. The First Ordeal: User experience

2. The Second Ordeal: Compatibility

3. The Third Ordeal: Time to market

4. The Fourth Ordeal: Finding the right tool

Developing the equivalent of a Visual Basic or Delphi class IDE for the web is easier said than done.  Many have tried yet failed to deliver.  The main challenges have been the fluid presentation of content within the browser, a shortage of effective debugging tools for JavaScript, browser incompatibilities, the photographic nature of visual elements, the use of different languages on the server and browser, database connectivity and over-reliance on plug-in browser extensions.

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