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Morfik iPad Party

After waiting for what felt like an eternity my new iPad was hand-delivered to my home yesterday, three weeks ahead of its scheduled release in Australia. It did not take me long to get up and running.  Loading content through iTunes went smoothly and I was soon playing with the familiar iPhone content on this new device.

Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was check out how Morfik apps ran in the iPad. But more importantly, I wanted to find out for myself whether this new device would live up to the hype and could really change the way we experience the web. Naturally here at Morfik things like that are very important to us. The last time I was this excited was when IE5 was released. IE5 was the first browser that made it possible to think of the web as a software platform. It has been a long time since anything as significant that has happened in the world of browsers. Of course there have been a lot of major improvements over the years but no game changers. So, I was really keen to experience it first-hand.

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The role of florists in web application development

Did you know that florists play a major role in your life? In fact they have been involved in your life since before you were even born. It started when your parents proudly announced to the world that they were expecting a new baby. There were flowers. Then came the big day when you graced this world with your existence. There were more flowers. As the days turned into months and months into years, your birthdays brought more flowers. Sometimes you were ill. You received flowers. Then there was first love. More flowers. Graduation, first job, engagement, promotion, marriage, and your own babies all brought their flower moments - you get the picture! Unless like me you plan to live forever, one day there will be flowers for your funeral, and even for some years after you start programming the big computer in the sky, there will be the occasional flower on your resting place.

Before you jump to the conclusion that being a florist is a fantastic occupation because you cannot lose, come rain, hail or shine, and you give up information technology to open a flower shop, let me tell you why I said all the nonsense I just said.

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