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JavaScript for laughs!

What do you do when you get bored and like to have a good laugh? My plan B is to go on discussion forums and ask religious questions like “Do I really need to learn JavaScript?” or “Which one is better, PHP or JavaScript?” then sit back and watch the religious wars I have just started with amusement! If I see the flames are dying down, I fire another loaded question to poke the antagonists “once more to the breach!” You may think I am evil. Well, so did my mom!

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The seven ordeals of the web application developer – Part 6

Developers who seek their fortune in the web business applications market must face and survive seven ordeals and success will only favour those who come prepared.

1. The First Ordeal: User experience

2. The Second Ordeal: Compatibility

3. The Third Ordeal: Time to market

4. The Fourth Ordeal: Finding the right tool

5. The Fifth Ordeal: Integration

6. The Sixth Ordeal: JavaScript

The race is over.  JavaScript is the only native programming option on the browser and it is unlikely that this will change.  Some love this language - others hate it.  Attempts to circumvent it have failed.  Ajax applications and Chrome Experiments have demonstrated its power and promise of wonderful things to come.

JavaScript presents the web developer with further challenges.  It is yet another language that must be learned and mastered.  Designed as an interpreted scripting language, it lacks the rigors of compilers hence it is more difficult to use when developing large and complex systems.  For the same reason it is hardly used on the server-side, requiring the developer to think in multiple languages across platforms.

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What does Google see when it looks at your website?

Your website looks great when your users open it. Now you have to make sure your website looks great when search engines come to index it. Here is how you can test it: Open browser settings, turn JavaScript support off, and reload the page.

This will show exactly how your website is seen by search engines – browse through different pages to make sure everything is in order.

The browser is a beautiful thing

The idea of the browser as a universal user interface is neither new nor revolutionary. Many commentators have discussed the idea since the beginning of the century. After all, it is the natural next step in the evolution of the Internet and has precedence on the desktop which we have all witnessed.

Much the same way Microsoft Windows started life as a veneer on top of Microsoft DOS, only to grow into a full featured native OS, the browser started life and grew on top of a variety of host operating systems and will eventually emerge as a native OS on a number of hardware platforms.

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