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Morfik 3 Update: Native Database Connectivity

One of the biggest surprises of Morfik 3 is going to be delivered through a package! While the Morfik development team is still unsure about its inclusion in the first beta, they are confident that this package will be ready in time for the final release.

For a wide range of developers, native database connectivity (for databases other than Firebird) has been an important missing feature in Morfik. The Morfik development team spent a lot of time examining various methods for incorporating this feature into the product. They have come up with a powerful way to bring you native database connectivity using the package architecture.

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MDA Release: Four new Packages and five additional Sample Projects

It's been a busy week for the MDA team. We’ve produced four new Packages to help you build high-quality web applications in record time, and we have prepared another five Sample Projects to highlight some of the best features of Morfik. All sample projects are free to download and come with full source code.

First, let's take a look at the new packages we have for you.

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MDA upcoming packages

The Morfik Developer Assist (MDA) team is working on time-saving packages to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on the low level plumbing work when building Morfik web applications.  You have already seen three of these packages; Security, OpenID and Google Analytics.

I am happy to now provide you with an overview of further packages currently under development, so you will know what to expect when you consider subscribing to the MDA program.

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