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MDA Release: Multilingual Security Client Package

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the multilingual Security Client package.

The Morfik Security Client Package provides all the features of the standard Morfik Security Package but allows a number of Morfik XApps to share a central database for storing common security information.

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MDA Release: Multilingual Security Package

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the multilingual Security package.

The Morfik Secutiry Package provides the required functionality to secure a Morfik website against unauthorized use. In addition, it provides a number of ready-to-use widgets and forms that make securing and subsequent management of a website extremely simple.

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MDA Release: Morfik Built Website Sample Project

Morfik is pleased to announce the release of the Morfik Built Website sample project.

The Morfik Built Website sample project shows how to implement simple features in your Morfik project to build a simple yet complete website. Those features include editing content on the website in administration mode, sending emails with attachments, saving and loading files from the server, using Security Package for administration purposes and many more.

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MDA Release: PayPal Package and updated Security Package

We are pleased to announce the release of the PayPal package, Security package update and Security Client package as well as an update of the Sharing and Bookmarking package.

The Morfik PayPal Package allows you to implement the PayPal Express Checkout into your Morfik-built websites in but a few simple steps

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Morfik Deployment Tips and Tricks – Introduction

As we all know maintaining a website and its related server infrastructure is a daunting task! Most of us think of it as some kind of pain that is unavoidable - a pain that has to be endured for things to work properly. While this is largely true, I feel there are a number of things that we can do to reduce or even eliminate this pain.

In my blogs I will try to help you manage this pain by simply talking about our experiences in this field. I will share with you what we have learnt running and supporting Morfik and its related partners’ websites and their server infrastructure.

Morfik uses its own software exclusively for its website and associated services. As well as this being one of the best things we could have ever done for the product, it ensures that there is never a dull moment in the IT department here at Morfik!

Here are the areas that I will be covering in my future blogs:

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