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JavaScript for laughs!

What do you do when you get bored and like to have a good laugh? My plan B is to go on discussion forums and ask religious questions like “Do I really need to learn JavaScript?” or “Which one is better, PHP or JavaScript?” then sit back and watch the religious wars I have just started with amusement! If I see the flames are dying down, I fire another loaded question to poke the antagonists “once more to the breach!” You may think I am evil. Well, so did my mom!

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The seven ordeals of the web application developer – Part 4

Developers who seek their fortune in the web business applications market must face and survive seven ordeals and success will only favour those who come prepared.

1. The First Ordeal: User experience

2. The Second Ordeal: Compatibility

3. The Third Ordeal: Time to market

4. The Fourth Ordeal: Finding the right tool

Developing the equivalent of a Visual Basic or Delphi class IDE for the web is easier said than done.  Many have tried yet failed to deliver.  The main challenges have been the fluid presentation of content within the browser, a shortage of effective debugging tools for JavaScript, browser incompatibilities, the photographic nature of visual elements, the use of different languages on the server and browser, database connectivity and over-reliance on plug-in browser extensions.

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