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Entropy in software systems – managing complexity

In the science of thermodynamics, the concept of Entropy represents a “measure of disorder”. According to this concept “Systems evolve toward a state of maximum entropy”.

This notion has a parallel in software engineering, “Software systems evolve toward a state of maximum complexity”.

Desktop computing started in a simple way. The platform consisted of a simple processor, a simple single-tasking single-user operating system and a number of simple programming languages. As software applications evolved things became increasingly complex, slowing down the progress. So something had to be done.

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The browser is a beautiful thing

The idea of the browser as a universal user interface is neither new nor revolutionary. Many commentators have discussed the idea since the beginning of the century. After all, it is the natural next step in the evolution of the Internet and has precedence on the desktop which we have all witnessed.

Much the same way Microsoft Windows started life as a veneer on top of Microsoft DOS, only to grow into a full featured native OS, the browser started life and grew on top of a variety of host operating systems and will eventually emerge as a native OS on a number of hardware platforms.

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